Jianghong Rao Lab In the Departments of Radiology and Chemistry

Nan Ma, Ph.D.

Nan Ma, Ph.D.

Office address:
Nan Ma
1201 Welch Rd, Lucas Center, Rm. P089
Stanford, CA 94305
Email: nanma@stanford.edu


2009-Present Postdoctoral Scholar, Stanford University
Supervisor: Prof. Jianghong Rao

2009 Ph.D., Pharmaceutical Sciences,University of Toronto
Thesis project: "Nucleic acid-templated quantum dots: synthesis and application for cancer cell imaging."
Supervisor: Prof. Shana O. Kelley

2004 B.S., Chemistry, Peking University

Honors and Awards:

2008 First Prize, Graduate Research in Progress Symposium, University of Toronto, Faculty of Pharmacy
2007-2009 University of Toronto Fellowship

Research Interests:

Quantum dots; nanomaterials for in vitro and in vivo bioimaging and cancer diagnostics; drug delivery; biomaterials; molecular imaging; biomolecule structure and function


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